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The beautiful town of Kalavryta, an ideal escape for all seasons of the year, with nearby attractions of incredible beauty, will be for you what it already is for thousands of tourists from all over Greece and the world: the right place for a dream vacation.

The historic Kalavrita, commercial center of the province of the same name, stretches at the foot of Mt. Helmos, at an altitude of 750 meters (only a 3 hour drive from Athens).
Uniquely combining the mountain and the sea (the nearest beaches are only 35 kilometers away) they are characterized as one of the most diverse and attractive destinations.

The history of the city is long and full of important events. Today it is a modern city of about 2,000 inhabitants that combines rapid development with the preservation of its cultural heritage. Some of the most important attractions in Greece are within walking distance.


It crosses the magnificent gorge of Vouraikos and owes its name to the gears (cogs) that from the middle of the route hold the train from backing down due to the large uphill. The route starts from Diakofto and ends in Kalavryta, while within 23 kilometers a landscape of unimaginable natural beauty unfolds with forests, running waters, bridges. It is an ideal excursion for lovers of nature and hiking.


It has been operating since 1988 on the northwest side of Helmos (Xerokambos location 14 km from Kalavryta) and is now a magnet for thousands of winter sports fans. It has 12 tracks for all levels and is only 203 km from Athens.


At a distance of a few kilometers from the city are the two monasteries of exceptional historical importance, which in difficult times were the leaders of armed struggles and resistance.


Unique in the world, in the village of Kastria, 15 kilometers from Kalavryta, the cave in question stands out for its cascading lakes and imposing stalactites. At a very close distance is the famous trout fish shop in the beautiful Planeteros village with the most enchanting sycamores forest in Greece.


At the edge of town, on the road to the ski resort, the Place of Sacrifice of 1943 commemorates the execution of all the men of Kalavryta on that martyred day in December by the German invaders.


In the center of the city, recently restored, is the homonymous three-story mansion, whose name links it to the brief period of recapture of Achaia by the Paleologues. Abandoned for many years, it has been classified as a historically preserved monument by the Ministry of Culture.

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